For successful production

· Please use the number of colours and the colour system according to the agreed order.
· The resolution of images should suits with the chosen printing paper; in case of coated paper 300 dpi, ask for help when using specific papers!
· Please use images in the same colour system – don’t mix RGB with CMYK!
· Add fonts to the printing files;
· Allocate design of the printed material sharply in the middle of the page.
· We suggest to show in the file name how much bleed has been left in offset printing (usually equally 3-5 mm).
· Convert all texts for digital printing .
· Please use Composite PDF
· Please use file names, which will clearly associate with the order

For precise  control of colour please order a digiproof in A4-A2 format.
Please add a mock-up model if the post press of the printed material involves folding, binding, die cutting or other specific work.